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These podcasts are designed specifically for English speakers who want to learn tajweed.

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Read with me a long with Sheikh

Lesson 1

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Makhraj al-Khayshoom -Video 18 | Nasal cavity.

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This video is about makhraj of the lips.

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tajweedinenglsih.com has been redesigned

Asslamu lalykum everyone

tajweedinenglish.com has been completely redesigned.

Please take advantage of the tajweed in English.

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This video is about makhraj of letters ( ظ - ذ - ث )

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Please,  check the site, a new video coming soon, on makhraj of ظ - ذ - ث

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New video | Double Dhammah at Beginners section

Visit it at http://www.tajweedinenglish.com/beginners/beginners-lessons

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New video on the beginners section--> double fatha

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How to read ayatul-Kursi, coming soon inshallah.

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FOR IPHONE ONLY Video 15 | Makharaj of Seen and Zay
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